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Black and White ED blog. I am not Pro Ana nor do I promote eating disorders or self harm in any way.

8540) When will I be able to look in the mirror and not want to die?

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Those chest bones, tho.


Disorder just ruins everything.

My boyfriend is out drinking and so are my friends all out having a good time getting pissed and meeting up with each other and I’m not allowed to drink because I’m ‘sick’. Can’t do anything, can’t have fun and I’m jealous at everyone else who can. Fuck this disorder.so.much. Bet everyone’s just having a right laugh at me, pathetic fat ass who can’t function in life.




i’ve fucked everything up beyond the point of fixing and i just want to rewind my life back to a time when everything was okay

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I am literally so fat it’s disgusting.

I’ve relapsed back into my bulimic habits even though I’d managed to kick it pretty much, so I’m so bloated and huge and today I binged and couldn’t purge which hasn’t happened in a long time so I have these calories in me :( I feel disgusting. So disgusting my heads telling me I need to cut into my thigh as punishment. 




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