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Black and White ED blog. I am not Pro Ana nor do I promote eating disorders or self harm in any way.

And I knew it was bad
when I woke up in the mornings
and the only thing I looked
forward to was going
back to bed - Poems from my uncle’s grave (via fuckoff-mondays)

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Anything, anything would be better than this agony of mind, this creeping pain that gnaws and fumbles and caresses one and never hurts quite enough. - Jean-Paul Sartre, No Exit   (via sad-empty)

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Depression grabbed his throat
And choked the life out of him slowly.

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Day three of fasting. I’m probably going to be expected to eat this evening and hopefully I will make it through this 9 hour shift without passing out. My therapist is going to go nuts when she finds out I’m fasting instead of trying to eat.

I have a therapy appointment today and I do not want to go. 


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